Themed Happenings

Themed Happenings


What we do

Defingou Events team has leading experience in realizing pioneering ideas for themed happenings.

Our company includes the hiring or experienced actors, performers, dancers, models, musicians etc, dressed with one of a kind handmade costumes, wigs, special accessories and impressive headdresses, plus the coordination of their shows during the event

Defingou Events offers breathtaking shows with ethereal choreographies (aerial silks, trapeze, etc.) Spectacular fire and LED shows, mermaid creatures, magical characters etc for a truly memorable happening.

We offer highly specialized performances with:
-Aerial & Acrobat Dancers
-Circus Theme
-Fire Show performers
-Crystallize Violin Show
-Acrobats & Jugglers
-Professional dancers, singers, musicians etc
-Special Make Up Design



Ancient Greece
Creatures of the sea
Face & Body Painting
LED Show
Phantom Utopia Fireshow
Tribal Fireshow
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